Support Lesbiens


Holders of several Anděl awards in the Rock and Pop category.
Their album K.I.D. (2016) won the “Best album of the year”.
As authors of many gold records and No. 1 hits they have been one of the most successful Czech bands over 25 years.

Apart from their past hits, Support Lesbiens are constantly strengthening their position as one of the greatest music groups, hitting radio charts and award nominations.

Their latest album ‘Glow’ contains four singles (Movin ‘On, Brighter Day, Ocean and Little By Little), all of which happened to be the TOP 5 most played songs on Czech radios.

The band is actively involved in charity activities (long-term cooperation with Avon, IKEM, Registry of Bone Marrow Donors, etc.)

Their repertoire also includes critically acclaimed Czech songs,- “Pohádka”, “Řeka, “Země”, “Skořicová” a “Hazardér” (text collaboration with Xindl X, etc.)

Support Lesbiens has had countless performances home and abroad over the years.

It was the first Czech band seen on MTV (winner of the prestigious “World Chart Expres” and also the “Artist Of The Week” at MTV).

Their biggest hits are: In Da Yard, Sweet Little Something, Bet My Soul, Cliché, Pohádka, Movin’ on, Brighter day and Little By Little.