Spliff Star

William A. Lewis, better known as Spliff Star, is an American street rapper. He was raised in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York.

He first appeared alongside Busta Rhymes as ‘Flipmode Squad’ in 1996 on the album, The Coming. As the Flipmode Squad with Busta Rhymes, as a Brooklyn crew, released their debut album The Imperial Album in 1998. Every member kept busy guesting on each other’s albums and mixtapes as well as promoting their respective careers.

He released his first digital solo indie project, Contraband – The Street Album in 2008 via Paperrock Records, on the Flipmode/Paperrock imprint.
Spliff helped Busta Rhymes find the new record label, Conglomerate.

As Busta’s backing vocalist, he joined him and rock band Linkin Park, alongside Adam Monroe and Ashes Divide for the song “We Made It” for the first six shows at the Projekt Revolution 2008 tour, until Busta had to leave the tour for simple reasons.

He appears in almost all Busta Rhymes music videos, normally as someone standing next to Busta or having an actual verse. Some of the videos he’s been included in are “Turn It Up (Remix)/Fire It Up”, “Break Ya Neck”, “Make It Clap”, “I Know What You Want” in which he is credited along with the Flipmode Squad, “Touch It” & “Don’t Touch Me”. He also appears alongside Busta Rhymes in almost all of his shows as his hype man.