Prime Sinister

It’s at the end of 2006 that PRIME SINISTER sees the light, fuelled by a hate overdose in the City of Angels.

The band, lead by Pills, singer and guitarist, 96 playing the bass and Fuse behind the drums, delivers a musical crossover between industrial metal and stoner rock. A loud, dark and powerful sound, through which Prime Sinister spits out its anger and settles its scores with society.

Quickly inspired, Prime Sinister records an EP including four tracks, entitled ‘United in Violence’ after one month of existence. The CD receives a unanimous welcoming from the critics and the public in the beginning of the year 2007, thus spreading the band’s name from a few followers to a bigger audience.

After scouring the stages of New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Paris (La Locomotive, La Boule Noire) and London (The Underworld) for 3 years under another band name, Pills, 96 and Fuse give their first show under the name Prime Sinister on May 27th 2007 in Paris, Le Klub.

After several shows in France, and thanks to a growing rumour, the band is invited to play at the Hawkfest in England (June 15th 2007). Back in France, Prime Sinister shoots its first promotional video ‘In Guns We Trust’ in September and offers a show in the French capital with Sleepy Time Gorilla Museum at The Locomotive in October. Bolstered by its success, the trio goes back to London on December 19th 2007 for a show event: Prime Sinister is invited by Hawkwind to open for them on the Astoria’s stage!

The band started to work on their follow-up album and ‘Wish Me Hell’ was released in October 2010 on Sins Records.
‘The Blackest Movie’ is their latest album.