David Bickley

David Bickley is a musician, filmmaker and multimedia artists. He is just at home making television documentaries for RTE in Ireland, as he is installing strange multimedia environments, or producing electronica and ambient music.

A few years ago David released a solo CD on Dublin’s Psychonavigation label and “Erebus & Terror” with Another Fine Day’s Tom Green on the HS label and he has also recently produced his 3rd collaboration with ambient legend Hans Joachim Roedelius.

David’s projected visuals are elements culled from his environmental installation work, remixed to work as 2D. If asked to pin down his art genre he has been known to call himself ‘a pre-Raphaelite quantum engineer’. Indeed, the luminous patterns, textures and strange mutating forms hint at the products of a “particle accelerator for the mind, built by Victorians for digital age”.

David has exhibited/VJ’d at many galleries and events, including recently at The Big Chill House, where he not only dubbed up Roedelius’ set alongside Tom Green but also mixed the live visuals (probably with his feet). For Sheila Chandra’s set, David is creating a whole new set of specific visuals to float on the night air and mingle with the sub-conscious.